Seven Mistakes When Rolling A joint

1) Flower is Not ground properly

Put the ego aside, and use a grinder. hand crushing will usually leave tiny nuggets that can throw off the burn distribution while you smoke. In other words it'll canoe

2) Failing to Use a Filter Tip

This will lead to the joint being clogged. Conversely you'll end up nibbling on canna-flakes, or breathing some in. Not all coughs are smoke based

3) Eyes on the... GLUE

For the love of the Canna- Gods, please keep an eye on where the glue on the paper is. If you're not too sure where or what it is here we go:

The Glue the Shiny line at the long side of the paper. Its usually on the inside of the paper when you take a sheet outta the pack

4) Fill'er Up

Find an effective and easy way to get your flower on the paper.

Some use a dollar bill, envelope, or a rolling tray to catch flower as you sprinkle it on. That was a sprinkle not a pour. Over packing the paper will make it difficult to roll, or may cause the joint to break mid roll

5) Rolling Too Tight or Loose

Goldie Locks that sh*t, and look for what feels just right.

Too tight and theres not enough airflow; too loose and it'll burn too quick

6) Watch Your Strength

There are many joints and cigarettes that were maimed by overzealous hands. Try to ease your grip, watch the positioning of your hands, and easy on the lick. If you did all these and the joint still keeps breaking in your hands then....

7) Picking the Wrong kinda of Paper

Not all rolling paper is made the same. Size matters, texture matters, and material matters. Some papers are thinner like rice paper. Hemp Paper is a bit thicker, and under the right manufacturers, can even have a better grip making it easier to roll. Check out for the best rolling paper from around the world.

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